Monday, August 15, 2011

Voices of Montgomery College: Logic

If hip hop were to have a great awakening, Logic, 21 year old rapper out of Maryland, would be among the few worthy pioneers.

Logic just dropped the visuals for his track Young Sinatra II off his sophomore mixtape, Young Sinatra. The track samples beats from Hip 2 Da Game by Lord Finesse (AKA Mac Miller's Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza) and throws in some of Life's a Bitch by AZ and Nas on the hook.

You can't try to rap around a Nas hook without a certain degree of confidence in your lyrical ability. Rappers have a stylistic tendency to almost beg you to believe in them. Don't beg me to believe, make me.

One listen to this track and I am a believer. Logic is a lyrical fanatic and consistently delivers bar after crazy bar. Listen to his last track off the mixtape Mind of Logic and you'll start believing, too.

Get this track and support Logic. He's worth the time.

DL here ->
Logic - Young Sinatra II by Unheard Undergrad


  1. What highschool did Logic attend?

  2. He went to Gaithersburg High school and a few other MCPS schools but kept getting kicked out of them because of his performance. He never graduated.


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