Sunday, September 25, 2011

Voices of the Day: Mac Miller

Mac Miller, in his seemingly unstoppable progress towards major stardom, dropped the video to his second single, Smile Back, off the upcoming album, Blue Slide Park. With unfailing shoutouts to the hometown (Pittsburg) that the album was inspired by, Miller shows development while staying true to his original, sometimes goofy, style. Never short on clever punchlines, he doesn't fail to give his fans the music they love. The ever increasing success of this 19-year-old rapper represents a new wave in hip hop, (which readers of Unheard Undergrad have been riding for a while now) that is overtaking the older, revered, kings of the genre.

Mac Miller has risen in the ranks with a "just your average guy" style, easily connecting with the target audience of american teenagers hanging out around the local deli, as we see in the inspiration for Frick Park Market (the first single from his debut album). Smile Back is a retrospective, a celebration of the average guy's rise in popularity and Miller's new image as "a big boy with a big boy bank". It still leaves the idea to younger (though not much younger) hopefuls that they can do it too, from one every-man's man to another.


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