Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Survey Time!

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while, but if anyone is still checking Unheard Undergrad out there, I'd love your help with my project. If you are a musician, please take my survey! Click HERE


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


WHOA. Kanye's back? How have I been so out of the loop?

I haven't listened through the whole album yet, but it's already quite distinct. My sophomore year of college was spent listening to his characteristically self-indulgent masterpiece of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy; Yeezus seems like he's turned a corner. It definitely still reflects his unabashed self-indulgence (just look at the title), but so far it's been packing it in with a previously hidden sense of urgency.

Stream it on Spotify

More thoughts to come later...I'm not sure this will be a glowing review

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back again

Hey...maybe I'll start writing again. Why not?

I might have been inspired by this video, or maybe this experience, from Arcade Fire:

Yes, it asks for your home address. Don't hesitate, the internet knows everything about you anyway, and it's so worth it. I have to say it was almost an emotional experience, and it was a literal trip down memory lane. I don't think I can describe any further, you've just gotta give it a try.

It's a sweet, kind of hollow song too. There's a feeling of space and atmosphere that Arcade Fire creates quite well. They definitely capitalize on our nostalgic emotional pressure point. It's wonderful.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Voices of the Day: VB

This one is written by good friend, who for some reason wishes to remain unnamed, so we'll just call him VB. To me it's in the vein of Sigur Ros/ Explosions in the Sky; a kind of raw instrumental. Download if you like it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Voices of the Day: Citizen Cope (Figure Remix)

Electro/dubstep that remixes a down-tempo song is a tough nut to crack. In general, I'm not interested in this breed of song, especially since I depend on anything with a bpm over 140 for workout playlists. However, a remix of Citizen Cope's mellow tune, Lifeline, by Figure caught my attention today. Figure has been populating the majority of my running playlists for a while now, he's adept at everything bass and crashes into tracks with heavy drops preceded by tension-building progressions. He definitely incorporates all of that intense, percussive style into this mix, but it complements Citizen Cope's lazy vocals and acoustic melodies in an unexpected way. Figure's team contacted Citizen Cope, who agreed to allow Lifeline as a free release in order to raise awareness for those still affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Citizen Cope - Lifeline (Figure Remix) - DL and Donate

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Voices of the Day: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Rule number one of being a hipster...never admit you're a hipster. Well, we can make an excuse in this case, maybe just because Macklemore spends about half this video in a onesie. With a hook that includes the lyric "This is fucking awesome," the new video release of Thrift Shop from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is an ode to the frugal yet stylish ways of the hipster, bordering on pure ridiculousness. We can all appreciate some good self-mockery, right?

There's definitely something to be said for knowing your audience. To promote this one, the rapper ran a photo contest of best thrift store finds and invited the winner out to the video shoot. And hey, it looks like they had a pretty awesome time. It's a fun song, it's an absurd video, so why not?

"I wear your grandad's clothes, I look incredible"

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Voices of the Day: Freeq Productions

Hi! I've got something completely different to post tonight.

Click play:

' Just Like Them ' EP Teaser by Freeq Productions

Right now you're tuning in to Freeq, a producer who is brand new, so he needs a lot of support (go ahead, like his Facebook). I wouldn't say trance/electro interests me very often, but I could see myself becoming a big fan of Freeq. I can dig the intensity and gradual rises and falls of these tracks. In particular, Just Like Them, the title track of the upcoming EP, is a very cool track, it feels a little mysterious and maybe a little ominous.

Freeq Productions is the collaboration between music producer, Zach Parkin, and visuals producer, Connor Mac Donald, so we can expect some pretty awesome music videos, I'm hoping sometime soon! In the mean time, they've dropped this 'EP Teaser' as a sample. The real deal drops September 2nd (RSVP).

Remember the best way to lead is to be the first follower (seriously). Support, support, support!