Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Voices of the Day: Citizen Cope (Figure Remix)

Electro/dubstep that remixes a down-tempo song is a tough nut to crack. In general, I'm not interested in this breed of song, especially since I depend on anything with a bpm over 140 for workout playlists. However, a remix of Citizen Cope's mellow tune, Lifeline, by Figure caught my attention today. Figure has been populating the majority of my running playlists for a while now, he's adept at everything bass and crashes into tracks with heavy drops preceded by tension-building progressions. He definitely incorporates all of that intense, percussive style into this mix, but it complements Citizen Cope's lazy vocals and acoustic melodies in an unexpected way. Figure's team contacted Citizen Cope, who agreed to allow Lifeline as a free release in order to raise awareness for those still affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Citizen Cope - Lifeline (Figure Remix) - DL and Donate

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