Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Voices of University Of Pennsylvania: Hoodie Allen

UPenn Alum, Hoodie Allen exploded on the scene in 2010. He dropped his first mix tape, Pep Rally, in September of that year. His music offers that main stream appeal with it's catchy up tempo beats making it something everyone and anyone can enjoy. Yet, unlike main stream sell outs (cough Nicki Minaj) Hoodie Allen commands a great deal of respect with his lyrical sophistication paired with a certain je ne se qois about the delivery of his rap.

The mixtape does not disappoint. Every single song has something for everyone. Words of Wisdom is a personal favorite of mine. The chorus undoubtedly captures Hoodie's individuality.
"She spoke words that would melt in your hands. And she spoke words of wisdom."
Hoodie followed up Pep Rally with his new single, Dreams Up. Another reason to believe that Hoodie Allen is infallible. His beats, a mix of electro with creative touches of hip hop and at times strings of folk, readily compliment his lyrics. I'm not usually a fan of anything too mainstream and I've been loyal to the '90's hip hop game for years but I have to concede; this one's a winner guys. Get his mix tape and be on the lookout for what else he has to offer.

When listening to their music I think of: Kid Cudi, a more upbeat Lupe Fiasco, Cunninlynguists, B.O.B.'s new mixtape, Gym Class Heroes
Their music is best listened to when: you have some down time, before after and during parties, you're bumping music in your car.
I would recommend this music to: everyone.

Hoodie Allen's new single: Dreams Up

Dreams Up by Fresh On Campus

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