Unheard Voices of the Undergrad is an answer to this influx of college musicians that only recently exploded on the scene. 

All artists deserve to have their voice heard. Unfortunately, not all artists know how to have their voice heard.

This is that forum where all genres collide. I'll admit I have a tendency toward hip hop. Hip Hop is where the heart is. 

I'll introduce any and every college artist on their grind...but then I'll review them. I'm honest. (Disclaimer)

But hey, all press is good press. 
This blog, first and foremost, is for the betterment of the music community.
Everyone deserves to be showcased for their efforts in pursuing which ever career they choose.

I'm looking for quality music.  I'm looking for quality performers. 

But really, I'm just looking to get you heard.

For non-musician readers, if you like an artist, download their music (I usually include a DL track), follow up on them, check out their sites and more of their music. Become a part of their fan base. Support. Support. Support.

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A Note from SNewman:

J spells it out for you, our mission is to benefit both the listener and the artist fighting to be heard. There is a general saturation of the internet with music coming from all different directions and going in different places. Doesn't it seem like everyone is a DJ? Your neighbor's little brother is a mashup artist, your cousin's best friend is a rapper, etc. When everyone has something to share, and they've got the place to share it, it's hard to weed out the talent. On Unheard Undergrad we're trying to find the guys who are still just starting out, but who are worth listening to. Maybe it is your girlfriend's yoga teacher...but then again, maybe it's not.

I'm constantly searching for great new music and I try to put the best on Unheard Undergrad. All genres are welcome. J asked me to write for the cause (of discovering quality music) in summer 2011, so check out our styles, the music we love, and the artists you should know.