Thursday, August 9, 2012

Voices of the Day: Freeq Productions

Hi! I've got something completely different to post tonight.

Click play:

' Just Like Them ' EP Teaser by Freeq Productions

Right now you're tuning in to Freeq, a producer who is brand new, so he needs a lot of support (go ahead, like his Facebook). I wouldn't say trance/electro interests me very often, but I could see myself becoming a big fan of Freeq. I can dig the intensity and gradual rises and falls of these tracks. In particular, Just Like Them, the title track of the upcoming EP, is a very cool track, it feels a little mysterious and maybe a little ominous.

Freeq Productions is the collaboration between music producer, Zach Parkin, and visuals producer, Connor Mac Donald, so we can expect some pretty awesome music videos, I'm hoping sometime soon! In the mean time, they've dropped this 'EP Teaser' as a sample. The real deal drops September 2nd (RSVP).

Remember the best way to lead is to be the first follower (seriously). Support, support, support!


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